Happy birthday USA

Today is the Independence Day in the USA, the nation’s 235th birthday. What do you know about this day?


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New English Club on this blog

This is another English Club joining. It is Oued Eddahab English Club In Morocco. Please accept us among you. We are ready to share with you many of our projects.
Thank you a million for the invitation

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Internet is the most useful invention of this century. Teachers like surfing on the net. Why? Because they find out new ideas about their classes and meet teachers from other countries there.
The idea of penfriendship between Externato Oliveira Martins (Clube de Inglês) and Sungurbey Anadolu Lisesi started when two English teachers met on the net in December 2010.
PORTUGAL and TURKEY. It could be interesting to start a penfriendship between students from these countries. The common language was ENGLISH :)
Portuguese and Turkish students liked the idea to communicate with friends from another country. They wondered about their friends’ personality, physical appearance, daily life, hobbies, family, school, city, country, culture, etc. They had hundreds of questions in their minds.
It was easy to communicate through facebook, msn, etc. They chose the traditional way. The exciting way. They used “paper and pen” instead of “keyboard”. Because they wanted to write on a paper and touch it.
Sometimes they used to be afraid of making mistakes when they were speaking English. But they felt comfortable when they were writing letters to their friends. They saw that their friends also make mistakes. But that wasn’t important because they could understand each other well. Language was for communicating and they were more motivated after that.
They wrote their letters and began to wait answers for their letters. They sent photos to each other. When they got their letters ,they were very excited and happy. They read each other’s letters and helped each other to write the next letter. They wrote 4 letters to each other.
The students who didn’t have penfriends were very jealous with their friends :) :) When their teacher came into the class with an envelope which is full of letters, they didn’t get any :( They all want to have penfriends next year.

Thanks for the both Portuguese and Turkish students who participated in this penfriendship activity.
Thanks for Joana Camarinha, Natália Ferreira, Cristina Fontes and Atike Ünlü (English teachers) for leading this activity.

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São João

Every year, on the 24th June, the city of Porto celebrates S. João. Thousands of people pay a tribute to Saint John the Baptist. The party starts in the evening of 23rd June. How do we celebrate this day? Find out and tell us!!!

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Today is a special day in the USA and UK. What day is it? Guess!!!

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Learning English? WHY?

Languages are very important all over the world and can change your life.

  • EMPLOYMENT (+money :)
  • HOLIDAYS IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, comfortable ,easy communication
  • IMPROVED EDUCATION, certificates, diplomas,etc
  • PRESTIGE among your friends, better social position
  • NEW FRIENDS through  mail, skype, chat, etc

You should try to learn!

I guarantee that you will improve!

Atike Unlu

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US Flag facts

Why is the flag red, white and blue?

Red symbolizes hardiness and courage, white is purity and innocence, and blue is vigilance and justice.

Why does it have fifty stars and thirteen stripes?

The 13 stripes represent the original thirteen colonies that rebelled against the British monarchy and became the first states in the Union. The number of stars on the US flag has grown to 50 and represent every state in the Union.


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Flag Day

Today is the Flag Day in the USA.

Every June 14th millions of Americans celebrate this day. People observe Flag Day by waving the USA Flag outside their homes and workplaces. There are also special ceremonies held by Veteran’s groups.

The legend says that three members of a secret committee from the Continental Congress (George Washington, Robert Morris, and George Ross) asked Betsy Ross to sew the first flag. It was some time late in May 1776. She was only in her early 20’s when she completed the first flag with thirteen stars arranged in a circle. A year later this flag was officially adopted as national flag, and from that time the Stars and Stripes symbolized the U.S. around the world.

This day was first celebrated in 1877. It is still not an official holiday, but the 14th day of June of each year is designated as Flag Day.

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St. Valentine’s Day

On February 14th, the English Club celebrated the holiday of love, St. Valentine’s Day. It was a day full of love, affection, hearts, love letters, poems…and many activities.

All classes of our school were invited to see the club’s exhibition. Love poems, posters and cards were displayed and appreciated by everyone. Students had also the opportunity to watch a video about the history of St. Valentine’s Day. Games and activities weren’t forgotten and there were some Valentine’s word searches, crosswords and quizzes to play. Students also had the opportunity to learn more about St. Valentine’s legend by watching a video recorded by a student of our club (Valentines’ day).

At the end of the day, letters, secretly exchanged among the students were delivered.

The day wouldn’t be as complete without some of our cakes that definitely left a sweet taste in the mouths of all visitors.


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Languages’ Day

Our school celebrated the Languages’ Day on February 23rd.

The English Club also played an important role. The classroom was decorated and works done by the students on the subject “English Speaking Countries” (The Royal Family, Music, Culture, Food, Traditions, etc) were exposed.

Each class visited the exhibition, assisted to a film about the English Speaking Countries, answered to a quiz on this topic and played games.

The English Club also prepared cakes according to traditional recipes of these countries, which visitors had the chance to taste.




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