Our English Club

The English club has been an easy and amazing way for students socialize with other students in English. We have already done some activities in the club, such as celebrating the St. Valentine’s Day, The Languages Day and the one we enjoy the most, exchanging letters with other countries. The English Club has lots of advantages. It is good because there are so many students that entered in the English club without knowing English and now they already know a lot. Everyone in the English Club does all the activities, no one says ‘no’ to nothing, everyone has a lot of fun and we’re all friendly with each other. The English Club is a way for us to interact with other people in English and to know different things and different cultures. The first day of the English Club was a bit quiet but right on the second day, everyone was talking with each other, interacting and laughing. The teachers also help us a lot with our doubts.

Anabela Dias, Acção Educativa 2T3

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2 Responses to Our English Club

  1. Atike Unlu says:

    Hello dear members of EOM English Club

    I am the teacher of your penfriends from Turkey. We were wondering about your blog and now it is ready. I will inform my students about your blog.
    I congratulate you all for your effort on the blog. It is very new but great. You shared only 3 of your activities with us so far and I liked them all. You prepared your clasesses very well on St Valentine’s Day and Language Day. I can see it from the photos. I think the size of the photos were big so they weren’t clear. But now they are okay.
    My students and I will follow this blog. Share your photos,activities and everything. Congratulations again.

    Best regards
    Atike Unlu

  2. Mose Hoffman says:

    Awsome blog! How can I share it on Facebook?

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