What is happening?

Is the world changing fast? Comment this picture.


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2 Responses to What is happening?

  1. Atike says:

    Even in very bad cirscumtances, you can find a nice thing to run after. The butterflies have already found one good thing to run after :)
    Yes, everyday it becomes hard to live on earth because of wars, climate change, pollution, economical crisis, etc….
    BUT there are still nice things happening around. Just look and try to see….
    And if you have a useful thing, share with others. Don’t be selfish like the man in the picture :)

  2. C says:

    It’s like the lyrics of the Earth Song, by Michael Jackson, answer it all.

    The world changes at every gesture you do. It changes with the every little thing you do…
    If you always stay true to yourself and your friends, if you pass around good feelings to those around you, the probability of receiving back in the same way is huge. Equally, if you stay false and pass around negative vibes, the probability of receiving them back is even bigger.
    The world is connected…
    Every gesture of yours influences another person; Every gestures of yours is a role model for another person.
    Spread the truth because there is always someone you educate; Expose evil because there is always someone who hears you.

    Change the world yourself, don’t wait for someone else to do it.
    Love makes love.
    Hate makes hate.

    The world changes at every gesture you do.

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