New English Club on this blog

This is another English Club joining. It is Oued Eddahab English Club In Morocco. Please accept us among you. We are ready to share with you many of our projects.
Thank you a million for the invitation

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  1. Penfriends from Turkey says:

    Hello Oued Eddahab English Club
    Welcome. I have googled your name and saw your project (GTP) with other countries. You did a great job. Congratulations. I am sure you are going to add lots of things to this website. Hope to work with both Portugal and Morocco soon.

    • murat says:

      hello from friend country Turkey…I am working at Sungurbey High School in Adana-Turkey…We also would like to share our things with you…hope to work with you soon…

  2. Abdelhalim says:

    Hi Turkish friends,
    It is my pleasure, and thanks for all that you mentioned. I will be glad to work on joint projects with schools from different parts of the world either online or offline. Last year I worked in GTP (Global Teenager Project) and I exchanged letters with Joana’s students. This year, and the coming three years, I will be participating in Connecting Classrooms, a British Council Program for linking schools in the UK to others around the world. My plan next year is to work with teachers from other parts of the world to make a shared project online or offline about our countries.
    Glad to talk to you!

  3. Penfriends from Turkey says:

    Thanks Abdelhalim

    All your offers are welcome. Murat and me -Atike- are both teaching English at the same school. We are intersted in international projects. Thanks for Joana preparing this blog. Looking forward to work all together.Regards.

  4. murat says:

    hello Abdelhalim…does connecting classes mean writing things and sharing them,sendig cards etc… or connecting online through internet eg. skype or something…for example on certain days..once a week… when english classes of the two schools match…we just enter the internet and then coomunication and exchange of cultures begin??? does this sound logical to you?? if so …we did something like that with my student in the USA….while she was there ,we (the class) and she were on the net at the same time…but she was asleep :)) ,you know time difference…any way…we can think about it…atike and I will work on this…hope to hear from you soon…

    • Abdelhalim says:

      Hello murat,
      Thanks for writing again. Indeed, Connecting Classrooms Project includes things that you have mentioned. It is a British Council’s programme for linking schools in the UK and around the world. You can just google it and you will have more information.
      As for project exchange, if you are ready to collaborate with our school, please let us start from now talking about the project we can start. Moreover, we can make an action plan for that. It can be about an international Day and how the two countries celebrate it, or about a local celebration, or eating habits, or water issues, or musical instruments in the two countries, letters exchange, postcards, e_mails…
      If we can keep in touch via e_mails may work more because I check my e_mail box every day.
      This Year, I have planned to do 7 international projects with schools from all over the world, but so far I have your school, and Joana’s, and a school in London. I still have to find 4 others.
      Take care and let’s talk very soon.
      Give my best wishes to your colleague, Atike.

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