São João

Every year, on the 24th June, the city of Porto celebrates S. João. Thousands of people pay a tribute to Saint John the Baptist. The party starts in the evening of 23rd June. How do we celebrate this day? Find out and tell us!!!

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3 Responses to São João

  1. CR says:

    A Festa de São João is indeed one of the biggest parties/attractions in Portugal.
    It’s probably most remembered by the releasing of illuminated flame-propelled balloons. If one isn’t aware of them, he/she might think it’s a UFO.
    On that day, sardine price goes up higher than a sky rocket – this year was no exception.
    At midnight is held a big firework that everyone can’t miss!

    But it does not end there! After that, ’till the sun comes up, people (specially youngsters) keep partying!

  2. Lúcia Moura & Luciana Valente says:

    Lucy and Lucy: I like your comment CR :)
    People dance a lot and have lots of fun.

    We love this day.

  3. Pyncoppoftox says:

    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

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