Today is a special day in the USA and UK. What day is it? Guess!!!

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14 Responses to Today is a special day in the USA and UK. What day is it? Guess!!!

  1. English members says:

    It was Family Day (Sílvia Silva – EC-A)

  2. English members says:

    Yesterday in the U.S. was the father’s day.

    ( Ana Rita. EC-A)

  3. Ana Margarida Vieira da Costa says:

    Father’s Day ! :)
    (Ana Margarida- Esteticista e Cosmetologista-A)

  4. English members says:

    On the 19th, June it was the day of the Family Guy.

    (Lúcia Moura EC-A)

  5. Luciana Filipa Silva Valente says:

    Father’s Day ! :)
    ( Luciana – Esteticista-Cosmetologista A )

  6. English members says:

    Yesterday was the 19th June and it was the mother’s day.

    (Rosa Silva EC-A)

  7. English members says:

    The 19th of June is a special day in the USA and UK, because it is Father´s Day and Family Day. It is a very special day, because it is a day to be together and share things with each other and have a very happy day, among others. Family is the best thing in the world. :)
    ( Cristiana Pereira – EC-A )

  8. Teacher Joana says:

    Well done!!! You are right!!! It was Father’s Day. :)

  9. Penfriends from Turkey says:

    19th May was Fathers’ Day in Turkey too. What about in Portugal? Do you celebrate that special day?

  10. Teacher Joana says:

    In Portugal we don’t celebrate Father’s Day on 19th June, as in the USA and UK. Our Father’s Day is on 19th March.

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